Laundry Science

A major innovation currently transforming the way we do laundry is RFID tagging (Radio Frequency Identification). Using this micro technology, our products have intelligence built-in, quite literally, as tags are sewn into the seam allowing us to identify, locate and track every single laundered item.

The benefits to everyone are massive, simplifying the processes involved at both customers premises and at the laundry, giving instant, dynamic information.

Uniform Care

Uniform CareOur Uniform Care Service is unprecedented in the Middle East region, developed to help you make the most of one of your company’s greatest assets, because we believe a uniform is more than just what you wear for work it is one of the important elements that your Brand carries. Working with garment manufacturers, your specific hygiene considerations can be built into the design and fabric choice of garments. In addition, we can offer special finishes to the cleaning process to ensure garments stay fresher for longer. Our laundry operates to processes that are scientifically monitored and controlled to maintain optimum hygiene standards (not to mention quality and environmental standards), paying particularly attention to Chefs’ wear and Healthcare garments where certified hygiene standards can be achieved.

hostpitalityOur Hospitality services are designed to answer all your laundry issues. We don’t just collect soiled linen and return it to you clean, we provide a service to manage the whole process, ensuring that the linen aspect of your hotel’s offering enhances your brand and never, ever undermines guest experience. It’s a new way of doing laundry, where we provide both the linen and the laundry service for your hotel.


Crucial to our hospitality service is Streamline, our web portal based system of linen replenishment. This monitors and manages stock levels in line with occupancy, so you always have sufficient amounts and never run out of stock. Because we own the linen, we buy generous quantities so supply is never an issue, enabling us to deliver more stock in fewer deliveries. Housekeepers love the reliability and increased control that we offer, minimising the effort required to properly manage their Linen Room. They also love having higher levels (always over 3-PAR) of consistent stock to easily replenish every room to the same standard every day.

Benefits of Butlers Hospitality services:
  • Consistent quality, look and feel of stock across every room in the hotel.

  • Linen Room Management tools will help reduce the amount of time spent overseeing the Linen Room.

  • Receive the right stock in the right quantities at the right time in the right place.

  • Virtually eliminate skin reactions on the hands of staff who handle our stock, as our scientifically controlled laundry processes require significantly less chemicals.

  • We provide a fully managed handover service that makes it easy to switch and oversee every detail.

RFID Tagging

RFID tagging gives instant critical business intelligence through identification, location and tracking information, maximising efficiency

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